Portugal and Silicon Valley

Portuguese entrepreneurs discovered half of the world during the Age of Discovery. Now it's time to help the world discover Portugal and its modern-day entrepreneurs.


Create and support a thriving environment for Portuguese entrepreneurship in San Francisco.

Join us if you need help or want to help.

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The first step is always the hardest one. We help ventures setup in Silicon Valley by giving them a better understanding of the work culture and business environment. We also help them get support with everything else from basic logistics to immigration issues.
Our list of experienced entrepreneurs and domain experts work with ventures to understand their goals and provide guidance and expertise in multiple areas. These experts offer their time and expertise because they often have a personal connection to Portugal or to the Portuguese Network. They want to be involved with the Portuguese tech scene. Many of them understand the cultural differences between the US and Portugal which helps fine tune their feedback.
Our network expands way beyond the Portuguese Diáspora. Ventures come to us at many different stages of development. We leverage the depth of our network to connect entrepreneurs with the right people at the right time.
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If you’re an entrepreneur or venture looking to move to Silicon Valley, or just get mentoring and learn from our experience in Silicon Valley, please reach out and we’ll get back to you with next steps.
Offer help
If you’re an experienced entrepreneur or domain expert and want to get involved with top-notch entrepreneurs, please reach out to us. If there’s a good fit, we’ll add you to our list of experts and connect you with ventures which can use your expertise.

I joined a great VC company in the Bay Area as a senior hire and this would not have happened without the introduction from West to West.

Nuno P.
Partner at Delta Partners Group

West to West team is always available to help others and to share their insights.

What really drives them is the possibility to positively impact people's lives through technology.

Helder M.
Founder at Hunting Health

Navigating the US entrepreneurial ecosystem is challenging, and the West to West team can help founders more efficiently allocate their time and resources when coming to the US for the short-term or long.

Sandra S.
Director of Strategic Partnerships, EyeSee Solutions

West to West is doing a phenomenal job in bridging the wide gap that exists between promising tech startups in Portugal and Silicon Valley's talent pool, influencers, and investors.

Ata R.
Vice President, Product Management at Funambol

West to West is an example of what great people should do: return to the society and economy a share of what they have earned.

Victor B.
VP Research and Co-Founder at Present Technologies

West to West's mentorship and advice was very insightful and friendly, and made us feel welcome 6,000 miles away from home.

Diogo O.
CEO & Co-founder of Line Health

West to West gave us great insight on the startup scene in the US. They manage to understand your point of view and goals, helping you achieve them through their network.

Andreia M.
Account Manager | Client Manager | Marketing

I met the team during a networking event in San Francisco. They were quick to pick up the subtleties of a specific situation and go straight to the bottom line.

Francisco R.
Co-Founder & General Manager at Sceelix
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